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About Sauyo

In 1975, a mission from District 1 led by Disrict Superintendent Rev. Benito Antonio and lay preacher Benjamin de la Cruz conducted house-to-house evangelism in Sauyo in line with the church total evangelistic program “Eighty by 1980”.  The first convert was Marcela Naval who offered the ground floor of her home as the meeting place for the growing number of converts.

The congregation of Banlat was charged to follow up the work.  The soul-winning strategy of lay preachers Jose Ramos, Ernesto Dizon and David Cagastian was blessed with success.  Converts were many and decisions for Jesus and His church grew rapidly.

In the 1979 General Conference, Sauyo was recognized as a full-pledged congregation.  Rev. Tiburcio Ramos was designated their first pastor.

In 1990, the congregation was moved from the house of Marcela Naval to a bigger meeting place they had built on the lot of Antonio and Marilyn Chin.

The 1992 IRM schism wreaked havoc on the congregation.  Many of its mentors joined on the seceding faction, leaving the congregation discouraged and dormant.  The members of Banlat came to the rescue of the stricken congregation. With Pastor Jose Ramos leading, members from Banlat consisting of Tony Ferera, Tirso Palaganas, Maricar Joson, Josie Corpuz organized Bible Study groups, home visitations and revival services in Sauyo.  The disheartened members were rekindled in faith and good number  of fresh of converts made decisions for Jesus and His church.

In 1993, a reinvigorated church rose again in Sauyo.  They found a new place in which they built a new chapel.  Pastor Jose Ramos and Deaconess Dorcas Albaniel were assigned as workers.  By the grace of God, Christian Education, the Music Ministry and Extension Classes were organized.

Workers who were assigned in this congregation were Pastor Rudy Madrid with his wife Deaconess Irma Madrid, Pastor Mel Domingo, Pastor Vivencio Palasigue and Deaconess Alona Magaan.

In 2005, Rev. Ezer Baylon and Deaconess Dorcas A. Manalo were assigned and up to the present are the ones leading the Sauyo congregation.


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September 3, 2009 at 8:43 pm

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